Leadership secrets to make you unstoppable

The enemy of unstoppability is distraction. If we could focus our mind on a single goal for a long period of time, the results would be staggering. Unfortunately, our brain is not naturally wired to shut out distractions and move ahead with a single task: it is estimated that the subconscious mind creates more than 10 different thoughts every minute. If 25 years of practice to become a serene, single minded and accomplished Zen master sounds too much work to increase your focus, then the good news is that there are other simpler ways to help you and your team to move towards unstoppability.

Whenever you feel the urge to do something new, and realize that this activity will not help you to achieve your goals, write it down on a ‘not-to-do-list.’ The act of writing it down brings your brain into ‘executive mode.’ This state of mind helps you to let the thought go, so it will no longer distract you in the future.

Create a ‘someday/maybe’ list. If the urge to do something new has merit, but it should not be done now or in the near future, put it on a someday/maybe list. This is a list of activities and ideas, which you can review on a regular basis. This list helps you to remember your good ideas, to put these in a trusted place and, most importantly, to get them out of your head.

Create a ‘never-do-to-make-a-living’ list. This is a list of projects, activities or initiatives, which might help you to achieve your goals. However, none of these activities are attractive to you, because you do not have a natural affection for this type of work. This list is a great tool to make quick, concise and consistent decisions. For instance, as a writer, you might detest ghost writing. If ghost writing is on your ‘never-do-to-make-a-living’ list, every time someone dangles an attractive ghost writing offer in front of you, you can decline with a big smile and without second thoughts.

Which one of these three lists would make you unstoppable?

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