Many of us continue to face uncertain times in our business and professional life. How do you prepare for the aftermath of the storm? 

If you take a close look at your business or professional field, you need to ask yourself two questions.

The first question is about identifying paradigm shifts: What is actually working for my clients, which was not supposed to work at all?

For example, we now notice that in many ways remote learning provides an equal, or even superior experience and impact.

The second question is about identifying unique ways to accelerate value creation: What’s actually not working for my clients, which was working in the past?

For example, a Masterchef may effectively teach remotely by providing online instructions for her students. Yet, accelerated learning only takes place when she can provide on the spot suggestions for improving cooking techniques. For this, she needs to be with the students.

This leads to two approaches to innovate in your business or professional field, which will help you to maximize the opportunities when the storm clouds start to recede:

  • What do you need to strategically quit in your business or professional field, which no longer provides the best value for your clients and the best use of your time?
  • How can you organize your business or professional life to provide much more of the unique value to your clients, which they are missing right now?

When people hit a wall, they tend to do more of the same things, or less of the same things. Now it’s the time to start thinking about doing different things instead.

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