Artisan Everything

Recently, I stayed a few nights at a nice hotel in the fascinating city of San Francisco. When I first entered my room, I immediately noticed a prominent display with two beautifully crafted bottles of water. The brand name of this Norwegian water was Voss: It included a small card with a lengthy explanation why this water is called Artisan Water. Its price was $7 per bottle….

Artisan Water is a great example of how mundane products and services can be transformed by a combination of a gripping story and a high price. Think of car auctions, where modest, old cars, once owned by well-known celebrities, can command stellar prices. The reason is that many people crave for unique experiences: It’s not the product or service which matters, but the way the product or service makes people feel.

For many businesses and professionals, there is a huge opportunity to grow their company by expanding their offerings and cater to a small niche of specific customers, who are looking for a unique experience. This only requires an artisan approach: A creative, but potent mix of a good story, and a comforting high price…. 

Photo credit: iStockPhoto/Dash_med

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