Book of the Dead

Often we require a new approach to jumpstart our creative thinking. A peculiar yet effective way to do this is to use the Book of the Dead creative thinking technique. This technique is based on forcing our brain to associate new ideas based on the hieroglyphic text of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. This is how it works:

  • Phrase your problem in a ‘How to’ question (e.g.: How to increase value to my customers?)
  • Pick one line from the Egyptian Book of the Dead (Google Search).
  • Read the line with the expectation that the answer to your question will be found in there.
  • Start to associate creatively with relevant symbols you will find in the chosen line. Let your mind freely wander (e.g. ‘A star is shining on a man who is lifting weights, watched by an owl.’ This might indicate an idea where our knowledge (the owl) is helping to lift a certain burden to our customers, etc.)
  • Write down your creative ideas and take actions on these ideas immediately

Unless you can actually read Egyptian hieroglyphs (no association is happening in that case), this technique can be an inspiring and fun way for rapid idea generation.

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