If you need to travel from London to Singapore within three days, you can simply buy a plane ticket. Provided, of course, that you have the money.

If you don’t have the money, you must become very creative and innovative.

Innovation is driven by constraints. Abundance dulls the mind.

If you want to accelerate innovation and creativity, you must refrain from throwing more money at a problem. Instead, introduce constraints to force a team to think differently.

I often apply this principle and drive team innovation by using the Platinum Question:

  • How can we [=options development]
  • While at the same time [=constraints]
  • So that we [=objective]

For example:

  • How can we transport people in a profitable way?
  • While at the same time not owning a single transportation asset.
  • So that we can become the biggest people transportation business in the world?

The answer to this powerful question is a business such as UBER, Bolt or Lyft.

The biggest opportunities are often found as a result of almost unreasonable constraints.

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