Controlled Access

Are you in control of how others have access to you?

Your productivity and performance are determined by your ability to maintain focus on your tasks.

This requires a system which gives you control over interruptions from other people.

Here are three strategies for effective access control:

1. Get rid of the ‘Open Door Policy’: Continual open-door policies encourage unintended disruptions. Instead, set designated times for team members to present questions and discussions. This structured approach not only maximizes focus, but also encourages a problem-solving mentality among team members, fostering independence and critical thinking.

2. Define Emergency Communication Protocols: For situations that require immediate attention, designate a specific communication method as the emergency channel. For example, in my case, clients know that they can send me a text message to get a quick response.

3. Be precise and accountable about any time agreements. I make sure that I call at the exact time of any appointment. This behavior creates trust and establishes a reputation of dependability.

Your most precious asset is your time.

Put it inside a vault.

Then guard the keys like a hawk.

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