Creating Leverage

Now that businesses are re-opening in many places, here are twelve leverage points for professional and business success, which are currently used by my clients to accelerate their career, business or organization.

  1. Can you help struggling competitors by making a deal: Absorb their clients and provide your competitors a graceful exit?
  2. What has worked remarkably well, which shouldn’t have worked at all?
  3. What are the internal processes and systems that prevent existing and new clients from doing business with you?
  4. How can you make creativity, opportunity, and growth thinking part of the mindset of every individual in your company from now on?
  5. Who have been your best clients and how can you create more value for them?
  6. Who have been your best employees and how can you give them more important and interesting roles, responsibilities and objectives?
  7. Can you help your best clients reduce risk to accelerate their growth?
  8. What has the been the best use of your time and how can you organize your work to do more of this?
  9. What’s the courageous initiative you can take right now to fill a huge vacuum in the market?
  10. What’s the new benchmark for doing essential work much more quickly and how can you use this to set a new internal standard?
  11. All predictions of the future are wrong. Some are useful. Which ones?
  12. And finally: Who have been your trusted advisors who helped you to distinguish noise from signal and provided value when times were tough?

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