Dangerous Trends

Here are six dangerous trends facing any professional.

If your job can be done virtually, it can be done by someone else at some other place as well. Where do you add unique value with your physical presence instead?

The half-life of your useful professional knowledge becomes shorter by the minute. How do you surround yourself with the best people with the best brains to maintain access to the best information?

Specialized knowledge is only useful as long as long as your specialty is useful. On the other hand, process knowledge is not domain specific and will never become obsolete. How can you expand your work to use your specialty to become better at building processes and systems?

All future rational decision making based on robust data will be outsourced to AI. How will you expand your value creation by becoming better at judgment under uncertainty with a limited amount of data?

Machines and logic engines will provide superior and consistent outcomes in any controlled and standardized environment. In which environment can you operate where randomness remains paramount, intuition is necessary, and computer logic is a bug, not a feature?

The effective executive is the off-line executive. How can you set aside more time for deep, uninterrupted thinking to prepare yourself for an exciting future?

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