Does Mensa madness destroy your career?

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You don’t have to be ill in order to get better. If you want to get better rapidly, you need to build on your strengths. This often requires getting rid of unhelpful habits which actually mask your strengths. One of these unhelpful habits is Mensa madness.

Membership of the Mensa organization is based on meeting a certain intelligence test standard. Mensa members therefore believe they are smart people. Like Mensa members, business professionals generally believe they are smart people too. However, sometimes they exhibit an uncontrollable urge to proudly let the world know they are smart, right and know much more than you. This often shifts the interaction with their colleagues and clients from how much they can help to how much they know. This is what I call Mensa madness.

Recently, I decided to buy a new tv. I knew exactly what I wanted. Yet, the sales professional couldn’t help himself and continued to explain every single minute detail of this particular model. He was in love with himself and his knowledge. I, on the other hand, quickly became exhausted. I politely mentioned that I would think about it, walked out of the store and bought the tv on-line.

If you recognize the destructive habit of Mensa madness in yourself, simply stop it. Here is a simple rule for high performance: It’s better to be effective than look smart.

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