Dominant Thought

According to Greek mythology, the goddess Pallas Athena was ‘birthed’ from the head of Zeus. Not only that, but she skipped childhood and became a powerful and mature goddess from day one.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our decisions to do things differently jump out of our head—fully formed like Athena exiting Zeus’ head—ready to act upon? Alas, in reality, our decisions usually come from a much slower process called dominant thought

Imagine, one day you briefly think about changing jobs. It’s not a conscious thought, but the frequency of the idea slowly increases over time. You casually look at job offerings on linkedin, discuss job satisfaction with your friends, fantasize what a new job would look like, etc. Then, one day, you wake up and your mind is filled with only one idea: To get a new job. This finally inspires you to take massive action to change jobs. 

The concept of ‘dominant thought’ is like an approaching train: Distant at first, but overwhelming all senses when it’s almost on top of you. When this happens, it becomes a very powerful force which improves the speed of decision making, overcomes procrastination, and helps you to immediately take massive action. 

If you want to have more bias for action, you can use this concept of ‘dominant thought’ to your advantage: Recognize the first weak signs of ‘dominant thought’ and then immediately and deliberately feed your mind with more and more ideas associated with this ‘dominant thought.’ You will be surprised by how quickly you move to massive action mode. 

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