Five High Performance Trends

  1. People will increasingly move to a place where other people love their work. Talent retention will therefore shift to recognizing, building, and expanding strengths of individual high performers. What are you doing to shift your focus from compensating weaknesses, to rapidly recognize and develop your own strengths and the strengths of your best people?
  2. Exponential value will be created by just a handful of people in any organization. Everyone else will be under constant threat of being outsourced, replaced, or eliminated. What are you doing to accelerate your own development and become irreplaceable?
  3. Information overload compromises deep thinking. The effective executive of the future will therefore be the offline executive. What are you doing to challenge yourself and your people to systematically set apart time to simply think?
  4. The most important leadership skill of the future will be good decision making under uncertainty. Since the rate of change is rapidly increasing, it’s no longer sufficient to focus on more and better information to deal effectively with uncertainty: Uncertainty in decision making can only be reduced by a systematic decision making process. What are you doing to systemize decision making in your organization? 
  5. There will be an increasing tug-of-war between romantics, in love with the status quo of a mythical past, and future fanatics, in love with the next fashionable fad. The most effective leaders will be able to ignore this mindless chatter and simply focus on what they can do to serve their clients even better. What are you doing to help your organization separate irrelevant noise from important signal?    

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