Where do you, your team, or your organization spend most of your time?

  1. On duct tape management? This is a temporary approach to solve problems, which will eventually reappear somewhere in the future. Most of the ad-hoc corporate training programs, such as anti-fraud or cyber-security, are part of this category. The real issues, in this case behaviors, are not addressed.
  2. On fixing problems? The focus is on solving problems to return to the status quo. Think of constantly replacing broken equipment in a manufacturing operation. Being in fire-fighting mode is often comfortable, because it gives a constant feeling of accomplishment. It’s also exhausting and unsustainable.
  3. On continuous improvement? The focus is on making consistent small steps to raise the bar. Examples are six-sigma initiatives to gradually become better.
  4. On massive innovation? The focus is on making huge step changes, to exponentially create more value. Think of a new product line or re-thinking your business model to reinvent an entire organization.

If you find that most of your time is spent on duct-tape management or problem solving, it’s important to shift focus from optimizing the past to creating the future.

If you find that most of your time is spent on continuous improvement, it’s an opportunity to start to think big and shift your focus to innovation instead.

Where do you choose to put your focus?

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