Force Multiplier

A force multiplier is a factor that gives you the ability to accomplish greater feats than without it.

In the context of high-performance it means increased productivity: The ability to achieve the same (or better) results in less time.

The following high-performance habits serve as a force multiplier to massively improve your own productivity:

  1. Task-to-time: Always use a predetermined fixed amount of time to do any task.
  2. The two minute rule: If a task can be done in two minutes, do it immediately.
  3. The Productivity Trident: At the end of each day, identify three important tasks for the next day. Make sure to execute those tasks the next day, regardless of what that the day brings.
  4. Eat your frog: Always start with the most difficult thing at the beginning of your day.
  5. Break Parkinson’s Law. Schedule recurring activities, such as meetings, in half of the time. You will find that the outcome is the same. You will also save an enormous amount of time.
  6. Use your Golden Hour to only do creative work: This is the time of the day (usually a few hours) that you are most energetic and productive.
  7. Put the dead rat on the table. Start every conversation with the most difficult subject.
  8. Your inbox is not your action list. Your action list is determined by your goals instead.
  9. Min/Max thinking. Before every engagement, ask yourself what the minimum, and what the maximum is that you want to achieve.
  10. Ninja decision making: More than 95% af all your decisions are unimportant. Make quick, five-second-decisions about unimportant issues to conserve your precious mental energy.
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