Which activities would you continue to do, even if you’re the last human on earth?

Funktionslust is a German term which refers to the pleasure you get by the act of simply engaging in a certain activity itself. Dogs love to chase frisbees, birds enjoy swooping down from the sky, and horses will run fast whenever they have the opportunity.

This is also true for humans: Painters love to paint, writers live to write and divers want to dive. Doing these activities is a pleasure in itself, and is not necessarily connected to an actual end goal, purpose, or to serve others.

As professionals we are sometimes so goal obsessed, that we forget about the pleasure of doing the activity itself. This is a major source of anxiety and stress: we’re always busy to chase the next milestone, without enjoying the process of getting there.

Therefore, the interesting question is not to ask yourself what you’re uniquely designed to achieve in this world, but to ask yourself what you’re uniquely designed to do in this world.

Then decide what changes you can make to do more of the answer to this question.

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