The video game industry is now making more money than the movie and the music industry combined. Since I enjoy playing video games myself, I do my part to contribute to this statistic.

Sometimes it’s possible to apply a cheat code and play a video game in what gamers call God Mode: It means that you’re invulnerable, have unlimited resources, and can dominate the gameplay.

I have played in God Mode once. The game was called Wolfenstein. At first, it was magnificent to “stride the battle field like a Titan of ancient times.” But very quickly, it became…boring.

There was no challenge, no excitement, and no fun. I have never played in God Mode again.

In life, we need to have challenges, set-backs and disappointments, in order to appreciate the victories and achievements. Nothing could be more bland than a work environment which is totally predictable, uneventful and lacks all volatility.

From time to time let’s stop trying to operate in God Mode, and actually set out to stretch ourselves and deliberately break the good to create the better.

Life’s excitement, progress, and innovation is driven by pushing against constraints. Unlimited resources dull the mind.

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