In a recent episode of the Mandalorian tv-series, Grogu—the small and cute Baby Yoda character— became the pilot of a Gundam: A manned robot which enhanced his powers and enabled him to move and operate much faster and better.

This is a proper analogy for an enterprise as well:  A Gundam organization is a large organization which creates massive value by enhancing the talents of a few extraordinary individuals.

It’s based on the idea that only a very small group creates almost all future value. For example, a few years ago a senior Microsoft executive mentioned that less than 1% of their software developers are more than 1000 times more productive than the average software developer.

This means that if we work in a big organization, our focus should be to spot and develop those super talents. Then, construct a Gundam: all systems and processes must be aimed at taking away every single hurdle which prevents these individuals from using their massive talents to create.

Though equality is a noble concept for advanced societies, it’s a very bad idea for a high-performance enterprise.

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