High Performance

What’s High Performance?
My definition: Consistently achieving big goals with the least amount of effort.
If you’re not consistent, you’re a one-hit wonder: You may have been lucky once, yet it can’t be replicated. Therefore, it’s more important to know why you’re good, than to know that you’re good.
If you’re not focused on big goals, you operate in your comfort zone. This is the death of excitement and inspiration. Thinking big is the juice of life.
If you don’t do things with the least amount of effort, performance can’t be maintained. Effort has a ceiling: How much harder can you work to get things done? Instead of more-better-faster, high-performance is about doing more with less.
Take a snapshot of your achievements in the past few years: How would you rate yourself on:

  • knowing why you’re good
  • thinking big
  • doing less.

This snapshot will help you to pinpoint the one personal development area with the biggest impact on your results.

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