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A few months ago, I stumbled upon a fascinating statistic. More than 80% of all the books on personal or professional development, are gifts for other people. Think of the last few books you received as a gift, and you can imagine that most of the books on personal and professional development, which are sold globally, are untouched, forgotten, and are gathering dust in dark places. To add insult to injury: Most of these books are books on diets….

Though there is an enormous amount of information available, a very small amount of this information is actually used by an even smaller amount of people. This creates a huge opportunity for ambitious professionals. If you want to become an expert in your field-for example in sales, project management, or leadership-the recipe is actually quite simple. Read one book about your chosen subject per week and apply at least one idea from each book. After one year, you have read more than 50 books, and you have gained experience with the implementation of more than 50 new ideas. This will not only make you an expert in your field, but will also significantly boost your performance as a professional.

To lead your professional field is hard, yet it has never been so easy to actually make it happen.

Photo Credit: iStockPhoto/noipornpan

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