The size of your funeral will be determined by the weather.

For many, this realization is both disheartening and sobering. Our natural tendency is to think we matter, which explains why the words whymeaning, and legacy have recently become an important part of the vocabulary of business leaders.

Often when leaders leave, their signature DNA leaves the organization as well.

But this is not always the case.

When the owner of my favorite bookshop retired, the new owner not only maintained its unique product portfolio, but ensured that the customer focus of the staff remained at an exceptional level. As a result, the bookshop continues to thrive.

The best way to ensure that your legacy endures is to consciously build a culture which reflects your values. This is about setting and maintaining behavioral standards.

The reason is that as a leader, the minimum effective behavior you show yourself, is the maximum effective behavior you can expect from others.

By consistently role-modeling good behaviors, you are therefore able to permanently change the behaviors of others.

This is the difference between building a legacy and leaving a trail.

Which new behavioral standards do you want to set today?

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