The human brain is a remarkable instrument. In many ways it’s faster than a super computer, and it actually gets better when we grow older. Yet, it has glaring weaknesses as well. One weakness is retention of information. I’m sure you’re familiar with the unfortunate fact that your brain often works like a sieve: Information in at the top, and out at the bottom….

This hampers our creativity. The issue is not that we don’t have good ideas, the issue is that we simply forget we had a good idea and lose the idea in the process.

A very powerful brain hack to capture and retain good ideas is the locus method

This is how it works: If you have a great idea, and you don’t have the opportunity to write it down immediately-for example you’re driving your car-picture yourself at the first place (=locus) where you can write the idea down. For example, picture yourself entering your house. Once this picture is in your mind, your brain will light up the moment you actually enter your house, and will remind you to write down your great idea.

The locus method is a powerful technique to learn a speech by heart as well: Picture yourself walking through your house, and imagine the key points of your talk connected to familiar objects which you come across. The ancient Greek and Roman orators applied this method to memorize speeches which could last an entire day.

The locus method will help you to never again forget a good idea.

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