Looking for the Iceberg

I ignore almost all of the news media. The reason is that the vast majority of news outlets act like the Titanic looking for an Iceberg: They are so in love with drama, that they move from (manufactured) crisis to crisis.

I have worked with several organizations who had adopted this unhealthy and destructive mindset as well: They realized that it kills creativity and strategic thinking. They wanted to change. The first step is always to start making a distinction between movement and achievement. 

These are typical signs of organizations in love with drama:

  • Senior executives only work smoothly together in times of crisis, but morph into a quibbling group of teenagers when things calm down.
  • Promotion is based on the ability to fight fires, not prevent them.
  • Being late for appointments and leaving early is a badge of honor.
  • Bragging about having to work long hours.
  • The quality of excuses is more important than the actual result.
  • High burn rate of talent.
  • Big words describing small problems.
  • Rescheduling appointments is rampant.

If you recognize these signs in your organization, it’s time to grab the helm and change course.

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