Magic Potato Peeling Machine

Peeling potatoes is hard work. Since we were eating potatoes frequently when I was growing up, we were naturally interested in a new invention: The Magic Potato Peeling Machine.

We bought the machine and what looked great on paper was much different in reality: The average potato shrunk to 50% of its size. Furthermore, the biggest output of the machine was a disgusting mush made of peel, water and mud. Cleaning the machine took more time than peeling potatoes by hand.

Naturally, after having used the machine for a few times, it was stored in the attic, never to be used again.

Technologism is the drive to use technology for technology’s sake. I recently had to spend three frustrating hours trying to send an invoice through a state-of-the-art automatic invoice system. The new system was highly effective in transferring work, pain, and agony to a different part of the process: Me!

Technology is only useful if it either makes your life significantly easier, or creates exciting new opportunities. The Magic Potato Peeling Machine did neither.

Where are the Magic Potato Peeling Machines in your life?

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