Meeting Madness

Tired of ineffective, boring and low energy meetings? Take ownership of the following three standards to end meeting madness once and for all:

A. Meeting Content

A meeting only has three objectives:

  • To brainstorm ideas.
  • To make decisions.
  • To drive projects.

Everything else can probably be done by something different from a meeting.

B. Meeting Output

There are only three outputs of any meeting:

  • An action list.
  • A decision list.
  • A communication list: Who needs to know what based on this meeting.

Skip any additional minute making, unless legally required.

C. Meeting Choreography

  • No agenda, no meeting
  • No preparation, no seat at the table.
  • Break Parkinson’s Law: This law states that work expands to fill the time which has been scheduled to do the work. If you schedule a meeting for one hour, people tend to meet one hour. Cut your meeting time in half instead. It saves you a lot of time, and makes meetings much more focused.

Your time is precious. As of today, take a stand and make every meeting count.

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