More Money & Job Security

How do you earn more money and at the same time increase job security?

You will be paid based on three criteria:

  1. What you do. 
  2. How well you do it.
  3. How easily you can be replaced.

The first two criteria are obvious: A good dentist will earn more than a good waiter. An excellent dentist will earn more than a good dentist.

Adding Value

For some of us, the recent crisis has put the third criterium into an uncomfortable perspective: Many jobs can be outsourced or even eliminated, because they simply don’t add much value. For example, if your job can be done online, it can probably be done by someone else at a cheaper rate on another part of the globe as well.

Make Yourself Redundant

If you want to earn more money and increase job security, the counterintuitive approach is therefore to always focus on making your existing job obsolete. For example, if you’re a leader, focus on developing other people to become leaders themselves. Though this will make your existing role quickly obsolete, you will acquire a skillset which will make you invaluable for any organization.

The graveyard is filled with people who were convinced they could not be missed. Don’t make that mistake. What are you actively doing to confront this illusion and courageously take action to make your own job redundant? 

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