The average human has one breast and one testicle. The average human also does not exist in real life. Be careful with blindly using averages to interpret data.

A great pen and nice paper inspires me to write. I therefore love my fountain-pen and Moleskin notebook.

Technology which works flawlessly brings a smile to my face. On the other hand, clunky equipment is an endless source of frustration. My philosophy in life is to replace or get rid of everything which drains my energy. Some of my best investments have been professionally installed cable internet, a sophisticated espresso machine, and a high-quality exercise bike.

The difference between a professional service provider and an amateur helper is that you don’t have to deal with failure work and don’t have to invest in the learning curve of someone else.

My time of arrival is mainly determined by the time that I choose to depart. Delays by (unexpected) traffic jams are merely excuses.

You will only get more consistent results with a process, system or habit. All else is just luck.

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