No More Questions?

As with many things in life, the key to improve is to avoid making mistakes.

If you want to turn your next presentation into a memorable performance, make sure you don’t misstep on the following:

The Opening Act

  • At the start of your presentation, please don’t begin with:
    • It’s a great honor…
    • Thank your for the opportunity to…
    • Please excuse me, I’m not a very good speaker….
    • Let me start with thanking the following people….
    • This is strange. These are not my slides….
    • Is this microphone on?
  • Instead, start with one of the Triple S Power Openings:
    • Statistic: 70% of all strategies fail…
    • Story: When Alexander the Great left Macedonia….
    • Statement: Your skillset has a half-life of 3 years….

The Presentation Body

  • While you’re presenting, please don’t say:
    • I know it’s a lot of text, but I think this is important….
    • I will discuss the following 21 points in the next 30 minutes….
    • Where was I?
    • In view of the time, let’s skip the following slides….
    • I’m not sure where this slide comes from.
  • Instead, use the SEES Structure with every point you make:
    • Statement
    • Explanation
    • Example
    • Summary

The Grand Finale

  • Please don’t end with:
    • Let me use the final 5 minutes to cover these last 7 points.
    • Ok. Any questions? If not, then I guess this is the end of my presentation.
    • I know we’re out of time, but is it ok if we continue for 10 more minutes?
    • I hope you have found my presentation somewhat useful…
  • Improvement: Use the SQC Grand Finale Sequence.
    • Summary: This is an overview of what we discussed.
    • Questions: Let’s now open the floor for questions.
    • Call to action: Let me use our final two minutes to wrap up….

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