Olympian standards

Are you a member of the 5AM club? This is a group of performance enthusiasts who want to use the early morning to make most out of a day.

I’m not.

I’m most productive when waking up at around 6.00AM instead. It would be nonsense for me to wake up earlier.

A big myth in human performance is that success is only achieved by huge sacrifices: It involves adopting a specific set of almost Olympian standards. Think of the obsession with strict diets, intensive exercise regimes, or deep meditation practices.

I have found that the opposite is true: You don’t have to train for a triathlon to have excellent physical health.

High-performance is about building those small routines which make most sense for you.

For example, the 10 goal exercise is a simple and powerful way to keep you on track to realize your long-term goals. It works for me, and may work for you as well.

Trying to attain almost impossible behavioral standards is often a convenient excuse to look down on the small and consistent efforts which really make a difference in our life.

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