The most dangerous number in business and in life is ONE. You are on shaky ground if you have only one supplier of goods, only one customer, only one way of making a living, and only one solution to your critical IT problem

ONE generally means you are forced to play a stomach-churning balancing act, with hope as its main attraction. However, hope is not a strategy. Therefore, increasing the number one to more is a smart approach if you want to move to high performance.

You can expand beyond the number one by developing options, also known as developing a Plan B. 

A simple way to develop options is to make a distinction between objectives (the inn at the end of the journey) and alternatives (the different paths to get to the inn). For example, if your objective is to meet with clients based in New York, you have multiple choices, including traveling to the meeting using public transportation, Zoom, or teleconferencing.

Never be the one (there’s that word again) who settles for only a single option. Leave this lazy brand of thinking to your competitors.

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