Professional Distillation

A distillation column is an industrial piece of equipment which is designed to separate liquids: It consists of a series of stacked plates: Separation of the liquids occurs by selective boiling and condensation on each plate.

The distillation process is an appropriate approach to grow rapidly and scale your results.

If you take stock of everything you do, which activities are you doing so well, that they never should be done by anyone else? This is your best work. Delegate, eliminate, or outsource everything else.

Next, look at what is left, and ask the same question. Continue to take out everything which is not the highest and best use of your time.

If you apply this professional distillation process systematically, more and more of your time will be concentrated on using and expanding your super talents. As an example, for a surgeon, this means diagnosis, operation and evaluation. For a sales professional this means prospecting, presenting, and following up.

The difference between good results and extraordinary results boils down to professional distillation: The ability to separate doing good work from doing your best work.

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