Quiet Competence

I like my plane trips to be uneventful. I prefer to be exposed to excitement and adrenaline at other times.

To get me from A to B, there are dozens of people in the background who ensure that this process is done smoothly, and without hick-ups. These people are not flashy, will never be admired by millions on TikTok, and will not appear on magazine covers.  

They are very good at what they do, operate silently in the background, and show up every day to do the best they can. They exhibit Quiet Competence.

And yet, our focus, admiration, and fascination often goes to the loud ones.

Quiet Competence is the glue which holds every high-performance organization together.

Why don’t we take a minute today to actually tell the quietly competent people how much we appreciate their contribution.        

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