Radical Utopianism

Is there anything worse than not having a strategy or vision?

Yes, there is!

It’s having a radical utopian strategy or vision.

This is a type of strategy or vision which:

  1. Requires massive sacrifices from others. (They have to…)
  2. Is based on a romantic and unrealistic concept of the past. (Return to…)
  3. Is opposed to basic human nature. (People must be forced to…)
  4. Requires magical technology developments. (As soon as…)
  5. Is grounded in apocalyptic thinking. (If we don’t, then…)
  6. Is digital and uncompromising in its ultimate goal. (There is no alternative, but…)
  7. Attracts zealots. (Only those who…)
  8. And, most importantly, lacks joy, fun and optimism (Only after…)

If your strategy or vision includes one or more of these characteristics—actual language, concepts, or implied between the lines—it’s time to step back and re-think your approach to future success.

A dour leadership mindset destroys any hope for high-performance.

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