Splendid Unaccountability

Splendid Unaccountability is the subtle art of movement without achievement.

It comes in three flavors.

Flavor 1: The Insignificant Improvements.

Think of cleaning the archive, rearranging the desks, or optimizing expense reporting. None of these activities actually help making great strides towards worthy goals. People look busy though.

Flavor 2: The Utopian Quest.

Under the umbrella of ‘an important cause’ organizations put massive efforts towards unrealistic epic goals. A characteristic feature is that results can only be measured in vague terms,  and focus is on effort and input. You typically find this behavior in heavily political environments, where moral duty is used as an excuse for any lack of achievement.

Flavor 3: The Passion for Process

The process is all and all is process. In these type of environments, the highest virtue is adhering to processes and systems. Processes are everywhere, while the original purpose of processes often have completely been forgotten.

All three flavors have this in common: The complete unaccountability for any results ensures that there is no finish line, no end, and no closure. ‘Done’ is an alien concept. Instead, more and more resources are required, because breakthroughs and progress are always right around the corner.

Splendid Unaccountability is a subtle trap: It provides plenty of excuses for not taking actual action towards pragmatic results.

The first rule of your life is not to waste it.

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