Strategic Sacrifice

All creation requires sacrifice.

In chess, this is called a gambit: A strategy where a player risks a minor piece to gain an advantage in position. This advantage is often the basis for winning the game.

To take the next step in our career or our business, it’s often necessary to apply a gambit ourselves. This means to shift our work from our current highest and best use of time, to our future highest and best use of time.

As a fresh engineer, my highest and best use of time was solving operational problems. Though I created massive value, it was insufficient to advance my career. To take on a leadership role actually required doing less of what I was very good at. Thus, I had to learn to step out and shift my focus from solving problems to developing others to solve problems.

I call this approach strategic sacrifice: A deliberate decision to move away from your current professional sweet spot, in order to arrive at a new professional sweet spot.

What has got you here, won’t get you there. The fact that you’re good at something, does not necessarily mean you should continue doing it.

Where do you need to apply strategic sacrifice yourself to create a new magnificent future?   

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