Success Environment

One of the most important decisions as a leader is to create a success environment in your organization: This is a place where team members can bring their best, and feel safe to do what it takes to make an impactful and positive difference. 

A success environment has five key characteristics.

  1. Clear personal and organizational goals. Everyone knows exactly what success of the organization would look like. Furthermore, there is no confusion about personal high performance standards
  2. Consistent and frequent positive feedback for things that go well. 
  3. The freedom to make small mistakes in order to achieve big goals. If you play to win, you know that you will experience failure on a regular basis.
  4. Pro-active requests for help, combined with a positive attitude to provide help to others where possible.
  5. One voice communication: Individuals and decisions are never questioned outside the team.

How would you grade yourself on each of these five characteristics?

Photo Credit: iStockPhoto/Kloeg008

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