You will only get predictable and consistent results with a process or a system.

This explains why lottery winners and heirs of significant fortunes often live in a state of permanent anxiety: They know that their success is not repeatable. If they lose their wealth, they don’t have a system to get it back.

To maximize the benefit of all our systems, we therefore need to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What’s the most important issue in your organization? Who is currently building a system to deal with this issue?
  • Where are your results still shaky and haphazard? What do you need to change in your process to improve?
  • If you could change one process in your organization to accelerate your results, which one would it be? objective of almost any strategic project is to build a process or system. How would you define the scope of your strategic projects with this outcome in mind?
  • Since success of any strategy is defined by simply not failing, the best strategy execution plans are based on building a system which avoids failure. How well have you incorporated this approach in your current strategy execution plan?
  • If you don’t have a process for selling, you’re at the mercy of someone else’s process for buying. Where does your sales success depend on the process of others?

Systems are the superpowers of any high-performance individual, team or organization. Are you using your superpowers wisely?

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