The Anti-Goal list

The enemy of unstoppability is distraction. If we could spend our day with an unwavering focus on a single task, our progress would be enormous.This is especially true for teams.

If you want to ensure that your (remote) team stays on target, you can use an anti-goal list:  A powerful tool to empower team members to take independent decisions on what to work on.  

This is how to create an anti-goal list:

  • At the next team meeting, let each team member quickly write down the three most important goals for the team for this year, within 30 seconds.
  • Compare notes and discuss, develop, and determine the top three goals of the team.
  • Write all other goals on a separate list: This is the anti-goal list.
  • Agree with the team to never work on any of the items on the anti-goal list.
  • Review the anti-goal list on a regular basis with the team. This ensures that individuals in the team continue to be aligned on the most important goals.

The big secret of high performance is to know what not to do.

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