The Waiting Games

In order to get the most favorable spot at the start of any NASCAR race, drivers need to clock the fastest time at the qualification laps before the start of the race. Significant speed increases can be achieved using a technique called slipstreaming: Along a straight part of the race track, a car following close behind another car, uses the slipstream created by the lead car to accelerate and close the gap between them. The first car has therefore a natural speed disadvantage. 

A few weeks ago, something fascinating happened at a NASCAR qualification round. All cars stopped at the pit road exit, waiting to leave at the last possible moment because no one wanted to go first. Unfortunately, they all waited too long and didn’t make it to the finish line before time ran out….

Where do you have this natural instinct to wait to launch a new idea, venture, or initiative until the moment everything is 100% perfect as well? The illusion of 100% perfection always leads to procrastination and even abandonment of big goals.

You need to have the courage to enter the race track first, even if circumstances are not perfect yet. As soon as you’re 80% ready with any initiative, go ahead. The remaining 20% will be done while moving and receiving feedback from the outside world. Motion beats meditation every time…. 

Photo Credit: iStockPhoto/orderfinishedart

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