If you do what everyone else is doing, you’re not distinguishing yourself from the competition, and you’re probably stuck.
These 10 questions will help you and your team shift perspective to get unstuck:

  1. What is our biggest issue, and who is working on it?
  2. What is our biggest opportunity, and how can we improve the speed of its capture?
  3. What do our clients dislike but grudgingly accept from us, and from anyone else in our industry?
  4. How can we allocate more time for deep thinking?
  5. Who would be deeply impacted if we disappeared tomorrow, and how can we serve them better?
  6. Which skill set would help us most to achieve our strategic goals, and what is our strategy to gain access to this skill set?
  7. What would we do differently if we knew we couldn’t fail?
  8. Which of our current activities would we not engage in if we had the chance to start over?
  9. How can we devote more time to external orientation?
  10. What new internal behavioral standard will accelerate our impact?

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