Virtual Meetings

Ten ideas to make your next virtual team meeting effective, energetic, and inclusive.

  1. At the start let everyone check in to test audio and video. “Briefly share the most interesting thing you have done today.”
  2. Randomize input to engage all participant: “People wearing blue socks today can speak first.”
  3. Put a picture of everyone who could not attend to ensure inclusion. “Mary is not here today. What would be her perspective?”
  4. Pause the discussion every 10-15 minutes: “Let’s stop here for a moment to have an opportunity to reflect and discuss.”
  5. Start the meeting with the question: “What does success of this meeting look like?”
  6. End the meeting with the question: “What are the next actions?”
  7. When soliciting ideas, give people at least two minutes of thinking time.
  8. Actively invite silent participants to give input.
  9. Avoid looking at yourself when talking.
  10. Summarize the last speaker’s input before replying.

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