Virtual Teams

If you want to effectively run virtual teams, it’s important to get the basics of high-performance teams right.

Focus on the following elements:

  1. Clarity about team goals: Do you go through the most important team goals with every meeting?
  2. A portfolio of options: Do you engage the team on a regular basis to brainstorm options development to achieve the most important goals?
  3. A well-defined sandbox. Do you reiterate the boundaries, and check if the team still operates within?
  4. Celebrate success. Do you take every opportunity to highlight success and acknowledge the team?
  5. Practice strategic quitting. Do you work with the team on an accurate and complete no-longer-to-do-list?
  6. Focus on decisions. Do you highlight and summarize key decisions at the end of each meeting?
  7. Communicate to everyone who was absent. Do you end each meeting with the question who needs to know what?
  8. Limit meeting duration, increase meeting frequency. Do you test different frequencies and duration of regular meetings to find the optimum?
  9. Identify small steps with short deadlines. Do you summarize actions, deadlines, and ownership with every meeting?
  10. Highlight collaborative results. Do you highlight collaboration opportunities between individuals when discussing team results?

On a scale of 1-10, how well are you doing on each of these elements?

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