Against More-Better-Faster

What does your ideal day look like?

It’s a powerful question I have asked to countless executives, business owners and professionals. Eyes light up and with enthusiasm they start describing the details of their own peak performance; work which doesn’t feel like work.

How do you get to your ideal day in the easiest way possible?  

The heart surgeon does not clean her own instruments, mop the floor or iron the laundry from the emergency room, that would be a waste of her time and talents. So why is it that many of us waste so much of our professional energy doing menial, unimportant and repetitive tasks? 

If we do not consciously move our thinking from operational to strategic, we will end up wasting our talents and time doing things we are not meant to do anyway. This leads to frustration, hard work and marginal results.

To grow, we need to build on, apply and leverage our strengths.

When people hit a wall, they tend to do more of the same things, or less of the same things. Only the most successful people start to do different things instead.

More-better-faster is therefore not the solution to too much to do. It’s a big myth peddled by productivity and performance guru’s.

The solution is Strategic Quitting

What will you finally quit doing today, so that you can focus on your highest and best use of your time and talents?

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