Our decision making energy is scarce.

Here are 10 tools to use this precious resource efficiently and massively improve the quality and speed of your decision making.

  1. Autopilot. The vast majority of all decisions are low risk and low reward. They don’t matter. Use a (mental) coin toss to quickly decide and move on.
  2. Slow food. Percolation time is the time necessary for your subconscious to help you make better decisions. Mine is 72 hours. It means that I am smarter after I have postponed making an important decision by 72 hours.
  3. Dr. No. If someone puts mental pressure on me to decide now, the answer is by definition no.
  4. No regrets zone. Stick to your decisions, unless you receive new information which is relevant for the decision.
  5. Jackpot. Take massive action on any opportunity with low risk and high reward. There is only upside.
  6. Groupthink. If a group quickly reaches consensus on an important subject, it means you haven’t given the subject enough thought. Postpone the decision and think deeper.
  7. Skin in the game. Let decisions be taken at the level where the impact is biggest when things go wrong.
  8. Red alert. Emergencies where speed is essential, require decisions by enlightened dictatorship. One captain, one voice, laser-like focus.
  9. Someday, maybe. Make a decide to not decide list of all things that you may want to initiate, but not now. Review this list on a regular basis.
  10. Decision Ninja. If you want to take an action and it takes two minutes or less, always decide to do it now.

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