Executive Baby Sitters

70% of all strategic initiatives fail to meet their objectives. The most important reason is a lack of execution power. In my work with high performance organizations, I have found that execution power especially collapses when leaders have to spend a lot of their time on executive babysitting. The executive babysitter frequently has to play three roles:

  1. The Referee. Instead of solving issues between themselves, direct reports engage the leader to solve these conflicts for them.
  2. The Taskmaster. This includes chasing other people’s deadlines, KPI’s, plans, reports, tasks, etc.
  3. The Monkey Magnet. Instead of solving problems (“monkeys”), direct reports bring their problems to the leader to solve. As a result, the monkeys end up on the shoulder of the boss.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time on playing the referee, taskmaster, and monkey magnet, what are your own behaviors which enable others to use you as an executive babysitter?

Photo Credit: iStockPhoto/Wavebreakmedia

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