Is growth essential for a company, organization or society?

At the end of the nineteenth century, many scientists in the field of physics assumed that we knew all there is. We understood the machine of nature, and what was left was filling in some missing details. Then Einstein appeared on the scene and the entire world of physics was turned upside down.

The dream of many is that there comes a time that all systems, clients and products are fixed, and all results will be perfectly predictable.

It’s the lure of pouring concrete on a desirable status quo.

This utopian thinking paints an ideal world where growth, discovery and innovation are no longer necessary. It assumes that we operate in a steady state with fixed limits. Once we reach those limits, we can lean back and let the machine work for us.

The reality is that any organism which no longer grows and develops, will wither and die. If you don’t grow, you will diminish. You can’t shrink to greatness.

If scarcity thinking becomes mainstream, companies, organizations and societies start playing not to lose, instead of playing to win. Decline becomes a choice.

Growth is the desire to explore new frontiers, pushing boundaries, and unleash our curiosity.

Will you obsess over limits, or will you contribute today to fuel the fires of progress?

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