How to stand apart like a Giraffe, surrounded by field mice

When people face difficult times, they tend to do one of two things: they either do more of the same things, or less of the same things. Very few will do different things instead.

These people are invariably the ones who are able to get extraordinary results. This is why, when it comes to High Performance, the majority is always wrong.

What I have found is that doing different things is predictable and requires a very specific way of thinking. There is a method to the madness. It starts with your decision to break the standards in your industry or professional field.

Recently, I spoke again at TEDxMaastricht, where I explained this concept and answered the question: how can each of us rapidly innovate in our industry, professional field or organization?

By kicking yourself out of the box, you will have the opportunity to stand apart like a Giraffe, surrounded by field mice.

What are you waiting for?

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