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Ten high-performance habits to immediately and massively boost your productivity:

  1. Your inbox is not your action list. Your action list is derived from your projects, which are based on your goals.
  2. If it takes two minutes or less to take an action, do it now.
  3. Break Parkinson’s Law: Cut your meeting time in half to create more time, and simultaneously have better meetings.
  4. Use your Golden Hour— the time of the day that you’re at peak performance— to do your most productive and creative work.
  5. Apply Task-To-Time to predefine the amount of time you will spend on a task. When the time is up, wrap up the task, finish, and ship the outcome.
  6. Use the Swiss Cheese technique: Complete a series of small tasks to slowly poke holes in a bigger project.
  7. Apply the Productivity Trident: Define the three most important tasks for the next day. Execute those, regardless of circumstances. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Eat your frog: Start every day with the one task you dread most.
  9. Put the dead rat on the table: Begin every meeting with the most important subject.
  10. Create an Anti-Goal List to define what you’re not going to do. Ignore any work associated with these anti-goals.

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