Task to Time

Individuals who get a lot of things done, typically have certain habits which make them exceptionally productive. One of these habits is the principle of Task to Time (TtT).

The principle of Task to Time (TtT) means that you schedule a fixed amount of time to do a certain task. After the allotted time has passed, you adopt the habit of finalizing the task, even if the results are not perfect yet. For example, if you have scheduled two hours to finalize a report, you will send in the version of the report you have created after these two hours have passed.

This approach works so well to improve productivity because of the 80/20 rule: 80% of the value of any task comes from 20% of the effort. The remaining 20% to make any task ‘perfect,’ not only takes 80% of the effort, but rarely adds much value and is therefore usually not very functional anyway. Furthermore,  a focus on Task to Time (TtT) creates a sense of urgency to get as much as possible done in the least amount of time.

The opposite of high productivity isn’t laziness, but perfection: A focus on Task to Time (TtT) will therefore help you to step away from the perfection trap and dramatically improve your productivity.

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